Keep Deer Out of Your Garden With These 4 Tips

keep deer out of garden

Maybe this is the first year you’re growing a garden. Or maybe you’ve been doing this as long as you can remember. Your fruits and veggies are finally starting to come in. You have more green beans than you know what to do with and your cherry tomatoes are plump and red. Everything is great. That is until one day you notice the plants you know where there yesterday don’t look so great today. Maybe you notice a pile of pebble like droppings, and a small hoof like print in the soil. Your friendly neighborhood deer are helping themselves to your garden. Now that you now who the culprit is, how do you keep them away from your fruits, veggies, and flowers? Here are a few tips to keep deer out of your garden.

  1. Get rid of deer attractants: If you’re trying to keep deer our of your garden the first place to start would be to get rid of the things that lure them in. They like soft flowers like hostas, daylilies, and roses. If you have an abundance of those around your property, get ready for the deer. On the opposite end of the spectrum, deer don’t like plants that have a strong scent. Deer tend to avoid plants and herbs with a strong scent like sages, lavendar, and peonies will help deter deer.
  2. Deer repellent spray: There are many deer repellent sprays on the market you can use to keep deer out of your garden. They contain a variety of different ingredients that don’t smell or taste appealing to deer, keeping them away. Popular brands on the market include ingredients like garlic, rotted eggs, fish meal, and hot peppers. As you can imagine if a deer smells a mixture of these ingredients they’re probably going to look elsewhere for a snack.
  3. DIY Spray: You can find many of the ingredients in store bought deer repellent spray already in your kitchen. Ingredients like hot peppers, garlic, oil, and milk can be mixed together to make an effective deer repellent. There are a ton of recipes out there to follow.
  4. Fences: Building a fence may be one of the most effective ways to keep deer our of your garden. If the deer can’t reach the yummy plants and veggies you’ve got growing, they can’t eat them. Keep in mind though, that deer can jump quite high in the air. Their legs are powerful allowing them to jump an upwards of 8 feet into the air. So, the fence you build will need to be at least that high. Whether or not you want to build a fortress around your vegetable garden is another story…

While it’s nice to see Bambi meandering around your property, it’s not so nice when he starts to eat the plants you’ve worked so hard on. These tips and tricks will help keep deer out of your garden, hopefully for good!

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