Sneeze A Lot? Here’s Your Garden’s Guide to Spring’s Allergy-Friendly Plants

Spring is here which means that it’s time to see beautiful flowers popping up across the landscape. Unfortunately, it also means allergies are going to be kicking into full gear. More than 50 million people across the nation are affected by seasonal allergies with pollen inflicting a majority of those. But don’t worry, just because you have allergies, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great looking garden. There are many low-pollen plants available which will make your space look fantastic.

One rule of thumb (though not always the case) is that those plants which aren’t as showy can be some of the worst pollen producers. As they don’t have the colors to attract insects for pollination, they must rely on the wind to carry their pollen.

Hydrangeas are a favorite among gardeners everywhere for their beauty, and their hardiness. The good news for allergy sufferers is that they have sticky pollen which means that it isn’t going to go flowing about your yard. They also have the added benefit of being able to rebloom throughout the spring and summer which adds a great look to your garden. Another advantage? They are really resilient to most pests and diseases.

While they do carry pollen, roses are an allergy-sufferers friend. This mainstay flower’s pollen is generally too heavy to be taken by the wind and generally do not become airborne. Roses come in hundreds of varieties and are always great attention grabbers.


You know its spring when you see tulips sprouting. These extremely bright flowers also have a low pollen count, and flowers with large bulbs such as theirs will attract bees, making the need for flowing pollen less likely. This perennial flower is generally a favorite of gardeners everywhere.
Azaleas are easy to care for and can be grown in almost any garden and also rely almost solely on bees for pollination. The azalea shrub has beautiful blooms which can last several weeks. A similar plant, the Rhododendron, which is generally found in the Appalachian region of North America, is also an attractive bushy plant which can also bring some brightness to your garden. You can find pretty much any landscape situation for these two.


Begonias have been around for ages and rightly so. They can really spice up a garden, as they can produce stunning foliage and can be grown to fit pretty much any space. The begonia comes in a variety of colors, with leaves ranging from dark green to red, and are generally easy to care for.
The lily is another suitable choice for those with allergies, as they contain no pollen. These flowers are well known for their large and showy flowers and are also extremely fragrant and easy to grow, requiring minimal care.


A longtime favorite of gardeners is the geranium. This hardy plant comes in a range of colors including bright blue, pink or magenta flowers and is another low-pollen plant which will have your garden looking fantastic.
So see? Don’t avoid the outdoors this spring. Embrace it!

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