Getting Your Lawn Mower Ready for Winter

get your lawn mower ready for winter

We get it. You’re not ready for the snow to start (or keep) falling. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your equipment ready for the cold though. You wouldn’t head outside in winter without putting on your coat and hat, would you? Getting your lawn mower ready for winter is just as important. ( ↑ the above picture is a good example of what not to do…)

If you live in an area where you won’t be using your lawn mower for months at a time, it’s important to make sure it’s taken care of – before you put it away. The owner’s manual that came with your mower is a great resource if you have any questions about getting your specific lawn mower ready for winter. Here are some general tips to get you started.

Clean it off:

Making sure your lawn mower is clean before you put it away will make sure you have a seamless start up when the temperature comes back up above frigid again. Making sure the deck is clear of any debris is super important before you let your mower sit. Wet grass left to sit on the deck can cause rust and corrosion over time. A good spray down with the garden hose will knock any fresh clippings away. If the debris has had a while to sit and harden, you may need to take something like a plastic paint chipper to scrape off the grass buildup.

Get it ready for next year:

Save yourself a little bit of time when spring comes by getting your mower ready for use now. Keeping your mower blades sharp is great practice to make sure you’re getting the best performance from your mower. If you notice some large chunks, dings, or general damage on your mower blades it may be time to replace them. If you’re not sure what you need check out our blog on Choosing Mower Blades for some guidance.

Get your lawn mower ready for winter storage:

Storing your lawn mower in winter isn’t quite as simple as finding a dry place to park it (even if we wish that were the case). Before you store your mower for winter it’s important to stabilize the fuel in the tank. Fuel that’s left to sit without being stabilized can wreak havoc on your engine. All you have to do though is fill the tank with fuel, and then add a fuel stabilizer. There are great options available at your local auto parts store, or even the big-box stores like Walmart. Check the instructions on the back of the bottle to be sure, but generally using fuel stabilizer is as easy as adding it to the fuel in your tank and running the engine for a few minutes. Quick and painless! The same general process applies to getting your Cyclone Rake ready for winter storage. Check out our aftermarket parts website for our Engine Maintenance Kit that includes fuel stabilizer.

Getting your lawn mower ready for winter is easy with these tools under your belt. Now you can sit back and relax until spring. Stoke the coals in your fire place, cuddle up under a blanket, and sip on some hot cocoa. Until it’s time to go out and shovel that is…

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