The Best Ways to Remove Snow from Your Property

remove snow

Mother nature has officially left warm breezes and summer months behind. Now that you know what happens to your lawn in winter, it’s time to start thinking about snow. More importantly, how to remove snow. We all dream of the day we can snap our fingers and snow will magically disappear from our sidewalks and driveways. Until that day, here are some great ways to think about how to remove snow from your property.

snow shovelThe Best Type of Shovel:

The most important thing to think about when you’re choosing a snow shovel is, of course, how it feels when you’re shoveling snow. Different types of shovels are better for different types of snow and different situations. Some are better for pushing snow like a plow, chipping away at ice, and pickup up and moving heavy snow. The most important thing to keep in mind though, is how the shovel would feel to actually use it. Now, bear us here. When you’re in the store picking out a shovel, go through the motions you would when you use it. Pretend to pick up a load of snow and see how it feels. When it comes right down to it, the best type of shovel to remove snow is the one that feels best for you.

Remove Snow … the Smart Way:

If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid big snow falls so far, it’s only a matter of time. When there are 18 inches of fresh, heavy, wet snow out there, it’s important to be smart about clearing it.

Try not to overdo it.

Only pick up the amount of snow you’re comfortable with. Over loading the shovel can put you at risk for all sorts of injuries to your back, knees, shoulders, arms, you name it. And if you happen to be built like the hulk, maybe even pick up a little less than you can handle. You don’t want to risk breaking your shovel if the snow is extremely heavy.

Take it slow.

Start from the bottom and work your way down. Only picking up the top layer of snow, and then coming back for the bottom layer makes moving 2 feet of snow much more manageable.

The Importance of Pet Safe Ice Melt

We all want the fastest way to remove snow and ice from our property, with the least amount of effort. Keep in mind that while the industrial strength, super-fast acting ice melt you’re putting down may be effective, it may also be harmful for your pup’s paws. Many ice melt products contain sodium chloride or calcium chloride. Both can be quite irritating to the skin, or harmful if they’re ingested. These days there are tons of pet safe alternatives out there. Which is the perfect way to melt the ice, while keeping the dog in your life happy.

When to Break Out the Snow Blower

Tired of shoveling? Too much snow on your property to handle on your own? It may be time to consider a snow blower. They’re a great way to quickly move large amounts of snow, over large areas. Do your research before purchasing as different types of snow blowers are better suited for different types of property and situations.

We know going out in the cold to move heavy, wet, cold snow probably isn’t anyone’s favorite pastime. Hopefully these tips and tricks make it just a little easier to remove snow from your property so you can get back inside to your hot cocoa. Stay warm out there!

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